Kopu Engineering

General & Precision Engineers

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Kopu Engineering
53 Kopu Road
Kopu, Thames
New Zealand
tel:  0064 - 7 868 7571
fax: 0064 - 7 868 7525

design & build

Kopu Platform
Log Grapple for Digger
NZ Fire Service - Lukas Rescue Equipment Trolley
NZ Fire Service Breathing Apperatus Mounting Frames
domestic 15  sliding gate
Custom made dog box
Custom made dog box - another view
Digger Grapple
Wrought Iron Handrail
Wrought Iron Handrail
Handles made from horse shoes
NZ Fire Service Trolley to house & transport cutting equipment
Remade obsolete impeller
Fencing & Gates for domestic property
Vet Stand
Kopu Platform
start stop bwd fwd

With our teams various skills and experience we can plan out a solution to your needs  -  from concept, to CAD drawing, to fabrication.  We can help you take your idea and transform it into something!  We understand that your ideas are important and the small things do matter.